The Untold Story About Custom Challenge Coins

Custom-Challenge-CoinsThe challenge coin was said to have emerged from the military department. It was in World War I when different soldiers received a special coin as a symbol of their capability to enter a secret meeting. Though not directly and clearly stated from the historical research, it has been said that the challenge coin served as their token to enter in a discrete assembly, This is to avoid other people to spy on the meeting. The coins are to be presented to the soldiers who are guarding the area. If one person will not be able to show his challenge coin, he will not be allowed to enter into the meeting.

But, there were some research claiming that the challenge coin was first used as a reward to the soldiers who had won in the battle. Whatever the history of challenge coin may be, there is one thing that they have  all in common. It is the fact that the challenge coin contains a symbol or insignia of a particular organization.

According to some research, the word “challenge” from the challenge coin was derived from the act of challenging another person to do something. It has been said that there was one soldier who challenged his comrades to show their coins. If there is one person who will not be able to show his coin, he must buy drinks for the other soldiers, including the person who had challenged him. If all will be able to show their coins, the soldier who had challenged everyone shall buy all the drinks. This is also being called as the “coin check rule”.

There is no specific rule for every military department –

It is not recommended to be done in a specific military unit. But, the real purpose of the coin check rule, is to teach and maintain discipline to the soldiers, in keeping their own military coin at all times.

The oldest military challenge coin came from the 10th Special Forces Group of the United States. But, it totally spread around the world, and is now widely being used for different purposes. Aside from the traditional use of the challenge coin, which is to show the symbol of an organization, it is also being used as an award and a gift or souvenir. This is where the process of custom challenge coins started.

When we talk about custom-made coins, it means that it can be personalized according to the interest of the person. The design, shape and style shall be based on the desires of the person who wants to have the custom challenge coins. There are many companies who offer services of making coins. But, you must be intelligent and careful in choosing the right one. This is to avoid scams and disappointment after buying low quality products.

If you want to be part of the history of challenge coin, you may consider this to be used as an award –

If you are a leader of a certain group or organization, you may choose to reward your lower members with the use challenge coins. Aside from its unique appearance, the challenge coin can also be kept in a small bag. It can be packed in a purse, velvet bag or in a box. If you want it to be a remembrance, it can also be displayed in your room by using a coin stand. The people who will be able to see it will not only get attracted to its style and appearance, but they will also learn that you are a member of a specific group.


The can be your one solution for this matter. We are one of the companies who make custom challenge coins. Aside from the high quality products we produce, we also ensure our clients that wherever they are, they will always be proud to show their own challenge coin. We are not just making coins, but, we also want to retain the characteristics a group or person has. It may be about their loyalty, dedication and bravery. We also make custom challenge coins with an affordable price. You may check the metals we use in making the coins, as well as the packaging options we offer.

The challenge coin is not only showing the symbol or logo of an organization, but it also aims to present to other people, the dedication and loyalty a person has in a certain group.