Hybrid Clubs: How To Select The Right Hybrid

Before, it was easier to decide which golf club to go for because there weren’t really many options. But ever since golf club manufacturers started offering a full range of hybrid golf clubs, the choices have become more extensive and golfers more confused. Hybrid clubs, a combination of wood and iron, were initially intended to substitute long irons, but as golfers discover it is easier for hitting the ball, the demand for hybrids have increased tremendously. So now, golfers face a new dilemma as to which hybrid to choose. Here www.rockbottomgolf.com you can choose different hybrid golf clubs.

We want to help you with this and so we created this step-by-step approach to serve as your guide.

Step 1

Golf-apparelObserve your game and identify your shortcomings. Then search for a hybrid that offers solutions for those weaknesses. Sample scenarios are: if you did not hit a great deal of long irons or if you’re having difficulties and are unable to hit them high enough for you to remain on the green. On the other hand, you may keep running up the score since you hit the woods defectively. Many less-skilled or novice players often encounter this problem. Hybrid clubs can solve many difficulties such as these. There are even some golfers who have got rid of their previous clubs and use all hybrids as they realize these clubs have more forgiveness.

Step 2

Determine the distinction between hybrids that replace your long irons and those that replace your woods. The hybrid replacing long irons are relatively thicker and larger than standard irons, whereas those replacing the woods have shallow faces that resemble a wood.

Step 3

Aim to hit your hybrid irons slightly shorter since all hybrids include shorter shafts than those that you’re replacing. Nonetheless, you won’t “mis-hit” a hybrid as frequently since they are far more accurate. Additionally, make it a habit to refer to your hybrid clubs by the extent of their loft, like a “20 degree hybrid” or a “22 degree hybrid. You’re deviating from tradition by simply not referring to them by numbers.

Step 4

Before you start looking for hybrids, consider the amount you need to spend. Topnotch hybrids start from $300. You can also opt for sets of 8 or 9 hybrids and that will cost you around half that price. You can save even more money if you go for used hybrids instead of brand new ones.

Tips for Using Hybrid Golf Clubs

Golf-ClubsThe versatility of hybrids spares you cash on equipment and reduces the quantity of clubs you need to convey every time you play. The head of the club is heavier than that of a regular iron, so it is easier for them to glide down the bunker, as opposed to delving into the sand and stopping your swing. Since their wide head cannot be easily twisted by the tall grass, hybrids are likewise useful when the ball gets caught in the rough. With that said, here are some tips you can keep in mind when using hybrids in your game.

• Think of your hybrid as a putter when you hit a short chip-shot from the border of the green. You can use a putter grip to reduce your follow-through and back swings. Slide your hands down towards the head of the club in the event that you require more control and stability on the shot.

• Change your position and make the ball a bit nearer to your forefoot than usual when you hit shots from a decent spot. In the event that you’re caught in the bunker or in the rough, place the golf ball two inches back from your position to reduce the difficulty you encounter when hitting the ball prior to the club hitting the ground. The shafts of hybrid clubs are shorter in length than those of traditional clubs, so you need to move nearer to the ball whenever you find it challenging to adjust to a new hybrid.

• Maintain high back swing in the tough spots of the fairway. You can use your wrist to lift the club head up to the level of your waist so you can loft the ball out of a rough landscape. Work as if your wrists, hands and arms were all one unit in order for you to keep the club aligned. Allow your wrists to lock until you’ve drawn the club back around 8 inches. Once you have drawn the club back by 12 inches, the shaft will then become parallel to that same ground.

If you have further questions about hybrid clubs or anything concerning golf equipment, simply give us a call and we’ll help you in every way possible.