What People Are Saying About HCG Diet Drops

Different people will have varying experiences in terms of HCG diet drops or any other diet plan. So, it is important to know just what different people are saying. You have to admit: asking people is really the best way to get to know just how effective the hormone is at helping them lose weight. Here are some insights or comments that people have been posting about the hormone product online.

They are an effective way of losing weight.



With HCG, people lose their appetite. They don’t lose it completely, but they are no longer prone to random hunger pangs that may have been triggered by a stressful and unhealthy lifestyle. Eliminating those hunger pangs actually improves the chances of maintaining a more pleasing weight range.

The HCG drops really drop the inches.


HCG diet drops do not only lose the pounds but they also lose the inches. This means to say that the weight loss is spread out all over the body. One can, after all, lose weight and the big chunk is taken from only a few, specific parts of the body. By losing weight from the whole body, you end up with a more attractive figure.

The diet plan takes a lot of effort to sustain the low-calorie requirement.


Of course, people have also complained about the low calorie requirement. After all, who really survives 500 calorie a day diets? It takes a lot of commitment to undergo an HCG diet plan and really continue it not only until the desired weight is achieved but also throughout the maintenance phase. A person should go through the phases slowly and carefully before immersing himself in the main phases.

The plan helps people lose weight while preserving muscle.


Those who had enjoyed athletic bodies before gaining weight could appreciate the fact that HCG diet drops eliminate the excess weight while preserving muscle. Muscle is important in keeping your strength even if you are losing a pound a day over a very low calorie plan.

Vegans do not have an easier way of achieving results.


Non-vegans may envy vegans because of the perceived ease in weight loss that a pure vegan diet promotes. However, the HCG diet is promoting something that is quite a bit different from the usual vegan practice. With the HCG diet, there is an emphasis in muscle preservation and building. So, proteins are incorporated in the diet. Vegans are even advised to drink skimmed milk in order to maintain the presence of protein in their daily diets. So, vegans do not really have an easier way of losing weight. They are, in fact, being swayed to change their preferred diets.

The diet plan promotes self-motivation.


food-supplementsSome are, fortunately, driven by a stronger sense of self-motivation thanks to HCG diet drops. This is especially true for those who have already tried various diets and failed to lose any weight but have discovered HCG to be effective in making them lose weight rapidly. The results show them that it is possible to find a sustainable plan.

The phases are complicated.


HCG diets usually follow several phases: from cleansing to maintenance. They are different from the usual food supplements that promote weight loss. Other food supplements are simply ingested to make you lose weight. With HCG, there are several steps that could make it more complicated than other diet plans. Some people find it hard to follow, but the phases are the ones that make it possible to sustain the diet plan.

There are a lot of other comments, reviews, and testimonials regarding HCG diets. The above are just some of the most common ones, negative or positive.