The Untold Story About Custom Challenge Coins

Custom-Challenge-CoinsThe challenge coin was said to have emerged from the military department. It was in World War I when different soldiers received a special coin as a symbol of their capability to enter a secret meeting. Though not directly and clearly stated from the historical research, it has been said that the challenge coin served as their token to enter in a discrete assembly, This is to avoid other people to spy on the meeting. The coins are to be presented to the soldiers who are guarding the area. If one person will not be able to show his challenge coin, he will not be allowed to enter into the meeting.

But, there were some research claiming that the challenge coin was first used as a reward to the soldiers who had won in the battle. Whatever the history of challenge coin may be, there is one thing that they have  all in common. It is the fact that the challenge coin contains a symbol or insignia of a particular organization.

According to some research, the word “challenge” from the challenge coin was derived from the act of challenging another person to do something. It has been said that there was one soldier who challenged his comrades to show their coins. If there is one person who will not be able to show his coin, he must buy drinks for the other soldiers, including the person who had challenged him. If all will be able to show their coins, the soldier who had challenged everyone shall buy all the drinks. This is also being called as the “coin check rule”.

There is no specific rule for every military department –

It is not recommended to be done in a specific military unit. But, the real purpose of the coin check rule, is to teach and maintain discipline to the soldiers, in keeping their own military coin at all times.

The oldest military challenge coin came from the 10th Special Forces Group of the United States. But, it totally spread around the world, and is now widely being used for different purposes. Aside from the traditional use of the challenge coin, which is to show the symbol of an organization, it is also being used as an award and a gift or souvenir. This is where the process of custom challenge coins started.

When we talk about custom-made coins, it means that it can be personalized according to the interest of the person. The design, shape and style shall be based on the desires of the person who wants to have the custom challenge coins. There are many companies who offer services of making coins. But, you must be intelligent and careful in choosing the right one. This is to avoid scams and disappointment after buying low quality products.

If you want to be part of the history of challenge coin, you may consider this to be used as an award –

If you are a leader of a certain group or organization, you may choose to reward your lower members with the use challenge coins. Aside from its unique appearance, the challenge coin can also be kept in a small bag. It can be packed in a purse, velvet bag or in a box. If you want it to be a remembrance, it can also be displayed in your room by using a coin stand. The people who will be able to see it will not only get attracted to its style and appearance, but they will also learn that you are a member of a specific group.


The can be your one solution for this matter. We are one of the companies who make custom challenge coins. Aside from the high quality products we produce, we also ensure our clients that wherever they are, they will always be proud to show their own challenge coin. We are not just making coins, but, we also want to retain the characteristics a group or person has. It may be about their loyalty, dedication and bravery. We also make custom challenge coins with an affordable price. You may check the metals we use in making the coins, as well as the packaging options we offer.

The challenge coin is not only showing the symbol or logo of an organization, but it also aims to present to other people, the dedication and loyalty a person has in a certain group.

The Different Types of Printed Circuit Board

Through the years, the PCB industry developed various technologies of manufacturing circuit boards. Along with the inventions of these technologies are the introductions of different types of printed circuit board. As the fabrication technology becomes more and more sophisticated, the PCBs created are getting smaller, smarter and faster than their predecessors.

Printed Circuit Board

We group these PCBs into three main categories. Each category contains one to three sub-types that we use today in manufacturing and assembling your circuit boards.

According to the mounting technology used

We use two assembly methods. These are the surface mounting and the thru-the-hole methods. A thru-the-hole method output is a single-sided circuit board. This method is the oldest assembly where it requires pre-drilling of holes to the circuit boards. Before, PCB manufacturers limit the use of through the hole mounting to prototypes creation and heavy duty equipment. The reason is the better and stronger bond of the components into the board. This makes the board withstand the most tremendous environment stress.

However, the invention of laser machines made drilling even the smallest holes possible. We can drill holes onto the PCBs for up to 3 mils. This possibility reintroduces through the hole technology to the assembly of wearables and similar products. As a result, we can manufacture PCBs with the longest service life and best performance.

The second method of assembly is the surface mounting technology. The output of this method is a single-sided or double-sided board. This method makes use of the both sides of the copper tracks and requires surface pads to temporarily attach the components on the printed circuit board. After component placement, the re-flow process melts the solder paste and establishes the electrical connections.

According to Thickness of the Board

High density interconnect is the newest addition to the PCB industry. It combines the two assembly methods, where drilling of holes or vias and micro vias interconnect the layers of the board. On the other hand, we use the surface mount technology to place components.

With the HDI technology, we can produce highly compact PCBs, where one PCB contains hundreds of integrated circuits, capacitors and other electrical components. This achieved component’s density makes the PCB multi functional, which is the number one requirement in telecommunication products. We can produce PCBs with single or multiple layers.

Single-layered PCBs are the most common. These consist of one rigid and one copper layer. The rigid layer is usually fiberglass or phenolic resin. For a more complex functionality than a single layered PCB can offer, we make double-layered PCBs, where they contain one rigid layer in between two copper tracks. The last type of PCB in this category is the multi-layered boards. These boards contain alternating rigid layer and copper tracks. A PCB can contain up to 12 layers but still look thin and light.

According to the Flexibility

With the HDI technology, we can create compact and lightweight electronic printed circuit board. We combine rigid and flexible boards and still come up with high-tech products.

Know What You Need

Given the different types of PCB available, and the various ways in which they’re classified, one thing should be clear – anyone who’s planning to have these technological necessities made should be completely sure of what they require.


While the typical ordering process does involve several steps, reducing the chances of getting the wrong one made, there’s still a chance of making a mistake – especially if the design itself is flawed or not entirely suitable for its intended purpose. So, it would really pay off to have your designs evaluated by others who are equally knowledgeable. Of course, it would be better to have them checked by veteran enthusiasts or those with expert knowledge.

Once you’re completely sure about your schematic, you’re ready to move on to the next step – getting with touch with a reputable manufacturer. We, at, know how important it is to deliver PCBs that completely match the designs provided to us by our clients. After all, one minor mistake could lead to wasted resources – and that includes both time and money, aside from the materials that would simply go to waste (assuming that repairs aren’t an option).

If you’d like to know more about us and our legacy in the printed circuit board industry, simply head on to our website at

How to Promote Alliance with Patches4less

In our world where we are separated by social status, religion, profession and discretion, it is never an easy task to gather people for a mission or purpose. We will always struggle to find our common ground and work with others. We normally have a hard time dealing with strangers and adapting to people who are so different from what we are. Nevertheless, it is just normal for us to find it unnatural to work with others. We need not feel down and instead strive to be a team player and work well with other people. But how do we establish alliance with strangers?

PatchesFirst thing that we must do is to identify the people based on our similarities with them. These connections may come from our common interests in the hobbies, academe, and organization or even in the workplace. This is necessary for us since we will be working with these people for the common goal that we have. But how do we know that these individuals are part of our world or they are one of us? Easy. We need to find that one thing that symbolizes our unity with them. And with patches4less, it will be easy for us to find our colleagues and the people who walks with us in one path.

Patches4less offers a wide range of features that would easily signify the organization, academe and company where we are part of. Through this symbolic little design, we will be able to easily identify the people that are part of our group. Whether we know them or not, we can establish a common ground with them in an instant since we saw the patch that connects us to them. Once we see their patch, we can simply give a nod, share a smile and start a conversation.

The wonderful colours and the seven free threads that are being offered by patches4less will indeed send a positive vibe to us and make us remember the group or the organization where we came from. Despite the distance, we can simply bridge the gap and notice individuals that can work with us. When we are strolling in the park, drinking coffee in a shop, walking across the roads or even purchasing goods in a grocery store, we can basically encounter people who are living in the same circle of work or interest just like ours.

Aside from the impeccable colours that these patches can offer, a wide range of styles and attachments are also offered by patches4less. The logo of where we are working and serving can easily be noticed whatever the design of the attachments could be. We are assured that the symbolisms and the importance of our organization logo will not be distorted or degraded through these patches. Instead, we will perfectly feel that pride and honour of wearing a symbol of where we are working or serving with the aid of these wonderful patches.

PatchAlliance within sports team, businesses, government services, motorcycle clubs and events, camping, hiking, boxing or martial arts can be observed with the use of these amazing patches. It could symbolize a sports, business and other extra-curricular activities that we are part of. Unity comes across all ages and disciplines and it’s not just limited to people who are in a certain leadership organization. Even in the smallest aspects of our lives, alliance is an essential factor.

Such strong union will be strengthened by the patches that are attached in our shirts, uniforms, duffle bags, towels or even jackets. These patches have so much use if we learn how to maximize it in our effort to achieve camaraderie within our system. It’s a cliché that if you really want a certain thing, there are so many ways to achieve it. And with the use of these patches, we can indeed attain alliance in a simple but effective way.

For others, patches may be just a piece of cloth with some shape and colours but we can connect ourselves with others through this little and meaningful symbol.

Alliance isn’t really easy to establish. It’s not easy to achieve and it will cannot be done in a snap of a finger. Thus, we should strive to find connections with other people to achieve camaraderie.

With the aid of patches4less, we will be able to identify the people who are one of us in terms of values, skills, experiences and endeavours. Though alliance takes a long time to form, we can start with these practical patches. And The Basic Messages Of Motivational Speakers

Motivational speakers are known to have the gift of communication. They have the ability to speak to people and move them with their words, influence positive action, make them believe in themselves, and make almost permanent changes in their lives.

If you take a closer look, there are basic messages that serve as the foundations of a motivational speaker’s speech and here are some that we at use.

1. You can do it!

There are plenty of people who live in self-doubt hindering them from achieving their goals and living a fulfilled life. It is quite saddening to see people constantly thinking that they cannot accomplish their dreams. The common reasons we see fueling this belief is them being told that they cannot do something or these people not getting the support that they need to develop their inner drive.


But like we always say, everyone is capable of reaching new heights and achieving greatness. We believe that even if people differ in terms of their smarts, talent, and passion, all of them have what it takes to do something and generate a desirable result from their efforts.

2. Persevere and you will achieve your goals!

At we also believe that perseverance is the key to success. In line with people’s belief that they can’t do something comes the knack for deciding that they won’t do something as a result.

Indeed there is always the possibility of making mistakes not to mention failure but there is so much more that is lost when you don’t take risks that may potentially lead to bigger rewards. In the midst of failure, the trick is to learn from it and dust yourself off. Do not simply give up.

3. Fear is something that you can overcome!

And then there is the issue of fear. Fear is a man-made concept brought about by over-analysis. When you take a closer look, fear really does not exist. This is why we always say that fear is something that you should and can overcome.

By keeping a clear mind and focusing on the right direction, that which leads to the achievement of your goals, you can easily get over any illusion of fear that may have been hindering you from taking positive action.

4. Take action now not later!

Another message we use at pertains to taking action. You can always dream, aspire to achieve something in life, have a goal or what not. But if you don’t get up and act on it then these will continue to remain ideas in your head. Success can only be achieved if you decide to become a doer.


It is a known fact that life rewards all actions people take. In this case, what you do, how you act, determines what the universe will send your way. If you want anything in this life, you should first identify which particular actions will get you closer to your goal. If you decide to hold back, the rewards may befall someone else, someone who moves forward and takes action.

5. Be positive and you will have a whole new perspective on life!

Of course it is also important to stay positive. Positive people are not only happier but more focused as well. Think of it this way. When you have a negative perspective about anything, all that you see are the negative aspects to that event.

People have the ability to choose their attitude. Why choose something that will bum you out? Having a negative approach to life will also lead you to attract negative experiences so it is far better to focus on the positives regardless of what situation you are in.

6. Help others without expecting something in return!

One of the most important messages we focus on at is being of help to others for simple reasons that helping others will make you happier, satisfied, and motivated.

Motivational speaker has the ability to help the general resolve of your representatives and rouse them to improve. One of the most important messages we focus on at

Hybrid Clubs: How To Select The Right Hybrid

Before, it was easier to decide which golf club to go for because there weren’t really many options. But ever since golf club manufacturers started offering a full range of hybrid golf clubs, the choices have become more extensive and golfers more confused. Hybrid clubs, a combination of wood and iron, were initially intended to substitute long irons, but as golfers discover it is easier for hitting the ball, the demand for hybrids have increased tremendously. So now, golfers face a new dilemma as to which hybrid to choose. Here you can choose different hybrid golf clubs.

We want to help you with this and so we created this step-by-step approach to serve as your guide.

Step 1

Golf-apparelObserve your game and identify your shortcomings. Then search for a hybrid that offers solutions for those weaknesses. Sample scenarios are: if you did not hit a great deal of long irons or if you’re having difficulties and are unable to hit them high enough for you to remain on the green. On the other hand, you may keep running up the score since you hit the woods defectively. Many less-skilled or novice players often encounter this problem. Hybrid clubs can solve many difficulties such as these. There are even some golfers who have got rid of their previous clubs and use all hybrids as they realize these clubs have more forgiveness.

Step 2

Determine the distinction between hybrids that replace your long irons and those that replace your woods. The hybrid replacing long irons are relatively thicker and larger than standard irons, whereas those replacing the woods have shallow faces that resemble a wood.

Step 3

Aim to hit your hybrid irons slightly shorter since all hybrids include shorter shafts than those that you’re replacing. Nonetheless, you won’t “mis-hit” a hybrid as frequently since they are far more accurate. Additionally, make it a habit to refer to your hybrid clubs by the extent of their loft, like a “20 degree hybrid” or a “22 degree hybrid. You’re deviating from tradition by simply not referring to them by numbers.

Step 4

Before you start looking for hybrids, consider the amount you need to spend. Topnotch hybrids start from $300. You can also opt for sets of 8 or 9 hybrids and that will cost you around half that price. You can save even more money if you go for used hybrids instead of brand new ones.

Tips for Using Hybrid Golf Clubs

Golf-ClubsThe versatility of hybrids spares you cash on equipment and reduces the quantity of clubs you need to convey every time you play. The head of the club is heavier than that of a regular iron, so it is easier for them to glide down the bunker, as opposed to delving into the sand and stopping your swing. Since their wide head cannot be easily twisted by the tall grass, hybrids are likewise useful when the ball gets caught in the rough. With that said, here are some tips you can keep in mind when using hybrids in your game.

• Think of your hybrid as a putter when you hit a short chip-shot from the border of the green. You can use a putter grip to reduce your follow-through and back swings. Slide your hands down towards the head of the club in the event that you require more control and stability on the shot.

• Change your position and make the ball a bit nearer to your forefoot than usual when you hit shots from a decent spot. In the event that you’re caught in the bunker or in the rough, place the golf ball two inches back from your position to reduce the difficulty you encounter when hitting the ball prior to the club hitting the ground. The shafts of hybrid clubs are shorter in length than those of traditional clubs, so you need to move nearer to the ball whenever you find it challenging to adjust to a new hybrid.

• Maintain high back swing in the tough spots of the fairway. You can use your wrist to lift the club head up to the level of your waist so you can loft the ball out of a rough landscape. Work as if your wrists, hands and arms were all one unit in order for you to keep the club aligned. Allow your wrists to lock until you’ve drawn the club back around 8 inches. Once you have drawn the club back by 12 inches, the shaft will then become parallel to that same ground.

If you have further questions about hybrid clubs or anything concerning golf equipment, simply give us a call and we’ll help you in every way possible.

What People Are Saying About HCG Diet Drops

Different people will have varying experiences in terms of HCG diet drops or any other diet plan. So, it is important to know just what different people are saying. You have to admit: asking people is really the best way to get to know just how effective the hormone is at helping them lose weight. Here are some insights or comments that people have been posting about the hormone product online.

They are an effective way of losing weight.



With HCG, people lose their appetite. They don’t lose it completely, but they are no longer prone to random hunger pangs that may have been triggered by a stressful and unhealthy lifestyle. Eliminating those hunger pangs actually improves the chances of maintaining a more pleasing weight range.

The HCG drops really drop the inches.


HCG diet drops do not only lose the pounds but they also lose the inches. This means to say that the weight loss is spread out all over the body. One can, after all, lose weight and the big chunk is taken from only a few, specific parts of the body. By losing weight from the whole body, you end up with a more attractive figure.

The diet plan takes a lot of effort to sustain the low-calorie requirement.


Of course, people have also complained about the low calorie requirement. After all, who really survives 500 calorie a day diets? It takes a lot of commitment to undergo an HCG diet plan and really continue it not only until the desired weight is achieved but also throughout the maintenance phase. A person should go through the phases slowly and carefully before immersing himself in the main phases.

The plan helps people lose weight while preserving muscle.


Those who had enjoyed athletic bodies before gaining weight could appreciate the fact that HCG diet drops eliminate the excess weight while preserving muscle. Muscle is important in keeping your strength even if you are losing a pound a day over a very low calorie plan.

Vegans do not have an easier way of achieving results.


Non-vegans may envy vegans because of the perceived ease in weight loss that a pure vegan diet promotes. However, the HCG diet is promoting something that is quite a bit different from the usual vegan practice. With the HCG diet, there is an emphasis in muscle preservation and building. So, proteins are incorporated in the diet. Vegans are even advised to drink skimmed milk in order to maintain the presence of protein in their daily diets. So, vegans do not really have an easier way of losing weight. They are, in fact, being swayed to change their preferred diets.

The diet plan promotes self-motivation.


food-supplementsSome are, fortunately, driven by a stronger sense of self-motivation thanks to HCG diet drops. This is especially true for those who have already tried various diets and failed to lose any weight but have discovered HCG to be effective in making them lose weight rapidly. The results show them that it is possible to find a sustainable plan.

The phases are complicated.


HCG diets usually follow several phases: from cleansing to maintenance. They are different from the usual food supplements that promote weight loss. Other food supplements are simply ingested to make you lose weight. With HCG, there are several steps that could make it more complicated than other diet plans. Some people find it hard to follow, but the phases are the ones that make it possible to sustain the diet plan.

There are a lot of other comments, reviews, and testimonials regarding HCG diets. The above are just some of the most common ones, negative or positive.